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Syfte med Petrus Toxy © MediaHouse © är att förmedla oberoende journalistik direkt via egen plattform och via andra mediahus plattformar.



The purpose of Petrus Toxy © MediaHouse © is to convey independent journalism directly via its own platform and through other media houses platforms by producing and selling articles to other media houses.

During 2020 toxy.li will after six years go from being my (Petrus Toxy) private homepage to a regular webbased newspaper.

It means that this webpage will have the same legal protection by law as any other newspaper big or small from New York Times to the smallest newspaper on Earth.

You who from now on want to read about my personal background can visit my LinkedIn.

It pretty much covers it all.

The reason of starting my own small, but aggressive media house is that old larger media houses don't do their job when it comes to scrutinizing the power. The reason to this fact is that all the old media houses around the world incl. Sweden are today owned by few often international financial strong actors sitting in the knee of the power they should scrutinize if they would be true to themselves as publicists, but too many are not. 

What have I achieved in the line of journalism you might ask?

Much of my journalistic work have been done in the shape of an educated historian on Master level with extremism and terrorism as my speciality, together with help of my knowledge of ethical hacking since 1985 and also with help of my know how from the military- and security branch.

I was the first person in Sweden to virtual map out the whole Swedish right-wing extremism and their connections to foreign right-wing extremist- and islamic terror organizations.

My work was collect by a Swedish Intelligence Unit. The Chief of this this Swedish Intelligence Unit said that I with my map out had spared them one (1) year of full-time work, a work that took me six (6) month to put together. Also the Swedish Secret Police SÄPO was interested in my work as a historian, but when they heared that this specific Swedish Intelligence Unit already had got a copy of my work they got splenetic. 

This first map out of the whole Swedish right-wing extremism and their connections abroad was done in the late 90's and early 00's. During this work my knowledge in ethical hacking came in use.

My interest in mapping out the Swedish right-wing extremism started thou already in late 80's.

I was also the first person in Sweden to map out the Swedish political left and left-wing extremism from inside out and their connections to foreign left-wing extremist- and islamic terror organizations. This work went on from the riots in Gothenburg in 2001 and took on and off almost 14 years to do.This map out was done both by virtual means and by physical means - it was in ethical hacker terms a so called Red Cell operation.

I have exclusively since 10's being mapping out islamism and their connections to terror organizations, from right-wing terror organizations to left-wing terror organizations, and islamic terror organizations in the between. Thou I as mentioned above started mapping out islamic terror organizations as a result of my map out of the Swedish right-wing extremism in the late 90's and early 00's. The map out of islamic terror organizations continued after 9/11 in 2001, but with an accelerated grade from the terror attack in Paris 1/7 in 2015 to this very day.

During this time period my software produced by Petrus Toxy A.I. Software was used in the War On Terror by ethical hackers in the OPBrussel, OpParis and OpISIS hacker operations.
These hacker operations put down thousands of ISIS social media accounts and websites and information from these hacker operation helped e g US IC (Intelligence Community) to track down terrorists and provented terrorattacks in e g Sweden, Tunisia and USA.

Thou my first contact with Swedish islamism came by a chance already in early 90's as a historian.At the Stockholm University in Sweden I met by a chance my first source inside the Swedish islamism.

I understod already then what problems Sweden was heading at as a comming international hub for islamic terror organizations.

I was 20 years ahead the Swedish Secret Police SÄPO in noticing the comming problems with islamism in Sweden. In those days SÄPO wasn't even interested in mapping out islamists in Sweden. SÄPO started with mapping out islamists in Sweden in 2015. Before 2015 SÄPO didn't even know how many Swedish ISIS terrorists had travelled to ISIS in Syria and Iraq. When SÄPO in spring 2015 said that a handful Swedish ISIS terrorists had travelled to Syria and Iraq I said 300, and 400 to this very day.  Who was right? Me.

And many of these 400 ISIS terrorists are now back in Sweden, walking in the streets as free men.

Since the 90's islamists have pretty much without any interference from the Swedish state in any form got all space and Swedish taxpayers money they have wanted to built up their networks in Sweden. These islamists and the terror organizations connected to them use Swedish infrastructure to reach their end goal.These networks reaches from Sweden to abroad, as we could see in the terrorattacks in Paris and Brussel in 2015 and 2016.

Through these networks travells information, money, weapons and terrorists.

In 2014 it took two days for the Swedish ISIS terror cell in Rinkeby, Stockholm, Sweden to send a message to ISIS HQ in Raqqa, Syria. It took two days for information to travell by their underground network without any possibility for SÄPO or any other IC to earsdrop their communication. Two days, that is pretty fast. And this example with ISIS is only one of many examples.

In Sweden you find all the largest terror organizations. Some of them as e g Hezbollah is by the Swedish government even treated as any other NGO.

You can even find members in international terror organization among the members of Swedish political parties and even in the Swedish parliament. It's not by a chance.

These terror organizations want affect the Swedish policy toward e g US and Israel..

Petrus Toxy © MediaHouse © only competitor in Sweden in this journalistic field of investigating journalism and whom use the same methods as I do is the so called Researchgruppen, a group consisting of former and active left-wing extremists whom are today working as subcontractors for Swedish newspapers as e g Expressen.

Petrus Toxy © MediaHouse © working languages are: English, Finnish and Swedish, and by being multilingual Petrus Toxy © MediaHouse © reach through its own webbased presence and by other media houses webbased presence an international audience.

Petrus Toxy © Mediahouse © scrutinize sources in following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Farsi, French, Finnish, German, North korean, Norweigian, Russian, Somalia, Spanish and Swedish.

Petrus Toxy © MediaHouse © will convey independent journalism directly via its own webbbased platform and through other media houses platforms.

Parallell with being a publicist I will go on with my other duties as before.

Petrus Toxy


Legal counselor,

Ethical Hacker,

Author & Historian;

Etchical Hacker since 1985;

Double B.A.;

Jurisprudence exam ;

On double Master's level.

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