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Contact request

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Unfortunately undemocratic forces in our Western democratic society doesn't like to be mapped out, as for example rightwing extremists, leftwing extremists and Islamic fundamentalists.

If anything is unclear after you have read about me under the headline "About", you are most welcome to ask questions. If the question is appropriate, you will get an answer.

If the question goes under the category of "I met Lassie", you will not get an answer.

You will obviously not get any answers to questions concerning my safety, my accommodation, my family, the vehicles that I might use, etc. etc.

You will not get any answers to questions whose answers are not easily found in open sources.

To get an answer, you should state who you are. You will be checked up.

If your tracks leads to "Alice in the Wonderland", you will not get an answer. I'll not put my or others' time in backtracking you through "rabbit holes" only for you to get an answer to your question. It's different if you commit criminal offenses. Then I'll put all the time in the world in backtracking you. With those words. My recommendation is that you behave as a normative person. Civility are answered with civility.


All mail's with malware ends automatically up in the bin.

On my accounts there are no secrets. I have the last 18+ years assumed that data is being read and collected. My assumption was confirmed in 2013 by Mr Edward Snowden.

On my accounts there are only the same information, which is available in open sources.

It is easier to call an open source in Sweden and ask.

If I'm against all expectations, need to use computers anonymously on the Internet, I don't use computers for private matters on Internet that are connected to me or to anyone who may be linked to me. These computers would not be able to sniff, tunnel and or airgap through to the electronics connected to me.

Devices that I use when I visit social media etc. takes place from devices and IP/TCP, which deliberately are attached to me, directly or indirectly. These "official" devices are used to nothing "secret".

You see, today it evokes more attention if a person never can be tracked down and intercepted, than if a person can be tracked down and intercepted. In such a Post-IT Big Data world it's better to allow the detection and interception, but on our own terms.

If I would happen to have secrets as a result of my work as e g a historian and from my survey of extremists, they would not lay towards the Internet and the information would be encrypted and hidden.

If I would happen to have secrets as a result of my work as e g a historian and from my survey of extremists, they would not lay in any accommodation that are directly or indirectly linked to me.

We all need to take a lesson what happened on The Guardian in the after math of the Snowden-leak, even if yours and mine "secrets" are not in the same magnitute as those Mr Snowden downloaded from his employer.


Best regards,

Petrus Toxy

Legal counsellor, Ethical Hacker, Historian

Double B.A. 

Etchical Hacker since 1985

Jurisprudence exam in 2018

On double Master's level


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