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  • I wish you all luck and success the coming year, 2018.
  • God fortsättning och framgångrikt, 2018.
  • Toivotan teille onnea ja menestystä tulevana vuonna, 2018.
  • Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès dans l'année à venir 2018.





Welcome to my (Petrus Toxy) homepage and to a pleasant coffee break.


On my website you can read about current legal-, political- and social issues. The red core is western democracy, justice for all and freedom of speech.

Questions and answeres around topics on my site will revolve around De lege lata (what the law's) and De lege ferenda (what the law should be).





From 2016 I'm approaching the point where it's time to tie things up and bring together the different subjects I have studied during the years.


Law school.



  • Labor law;
  • IT law;
  • Tax law;


Extra studies during LL.M.:

  • Advance Labor Law;
  • Advance Tax Law;
  • Business Economy;
  • Business Law;
  • Company Law;
  • National Economy.


Professional experience:

  • Business Law;
  • Criminal Law;
  • ECHR;
  • EU Law;
  • Labor Law;
  • Public Law;
  • Tax Law.

Personal interests:

  • International Law.

Sub-personal interests:

  • Contract Law;



Bachelor of Arts History at SU in 2014.

Master's Degree in History at SU in 2019.



  • Extremism, anti-democratic groups and terrorism.

Personal interests:

  • Political history;
  • Holocaust history.



Computer Science, A. I. and Mathematics:

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at KTH in 2018/2019;

B.Sc.in Computer Science at SU in 2021;

M.Eng in Computer Science at KTH in 2024.



  • Software Development.

Personal Interest:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • Hacking (since 1985);
  • Prime numbers.

Other personal interests:

  • Malware.


  • Research in AI.



Bachelor of Arts Archaeology in 2014.



  • Marine archeology: Carelian community structure and navigation from the Stone Age to the Crusades.



Classical studies.


  • Roman Empire, 753 BC - 476 AD;
  • Jewish approximately 4,000 years of history and Israel's 3,000 years of history.





  • Bachelor of Arts Archaeology:

- Carelian community structure and navigation from the Stone Age to the Crusades.


The first thesis in Sweden concerning Carelian community structure and navigation from the Stone Age to the Crusades.


  • Bachelor of Arts History:

- Undemocratic organizations.


I did the first virtual mapping in Sweden of Swedish right-wing extremism and their links to other undemocratic Swedish organization and to other undemocratic organization abroad.


  • B.Sc. in Computer Science:

- Computer security.


The Art of Hacking.



  • Master's Degree in History:

- Malware.


ICT history: Malware.



  • LL.M.:

- High-frequency trading (HFT) and market manipulation.


High-Frequency Trading (HFT - Algorithmic trading) will go legislator out of her hands in line with developments in A.I. and new advances in theoretical physics.


My thesis have a legal-economic perspective.






Needless to say, I do not put up information covered by professional secrecy.

I'm known for keeping the professional secrecy and I take pride in keeping the professional secrecy.


All information on this webpage is an open source.


"Always remember... Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”

/ Ziad K. Abdelnour


Apropos information on the Internet - If you read the information I have posted, then you know that the information comes directly from the source and is pure fact.


I wish you a pleasant Internet touring on my website.


Petrus Toxy


/ Petrus Toxy

Double B.A. (2014);

Jurisprudences Exam (2018);

Jur.stud. (LL.M. 2019);

Master stud. in History (Master's Degree 2018/2019);

B.Sc.stud. (B.Sc.in Computer Science 2018/2021

and MEng Computer Science 2019/2024).








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